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Patent Information

It took us many years of research, hard work and a lot of money to get to this stage, but now we are the proud holders of an Australian Standard Patent. Patent claims defining the invention description of "An extract from the leaves of Pittosporum angustifolium (formerly Pittosporum phillyraeoides) and their preparation for Gumby Gumby Liquid Extract". We have been in business with our products since 2006.

Our products are classified as food and cosmetical applications. We therefore advise you to do your own internet research for information about medical uses and benefits of Gumby Gumby products.

Legal Notice
The exclusive right granted to a patentee in most countries is the right to prevent others from making, using, selling, importing or distributing a patented invention without permission.

Any breach of this law regarding Gumby Gumby Liquid Extract will be prosecuted.


Gumby Gumby Patent